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Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Dream Venture...

This is the story I would tell my grandkids ....

Me (Granny) - Once upon a time there were two girls Fatso and Moti. They stayed together for almost two long years. They met at a common office and grew an instant liking for each other. They revealed their secrets to each other and the bond grew stronger. That is when they decided to get a house together. They hunted and hunted and settled for one. Everyday, after a hard days work they would cook for each other and eat together. They would sometimes go to their respective rooms and cry hard cuz they would have spoken to their boyfriends and it would be a bad day. But not even one night would pass when they would not know which one of them is having a bad day. Though, one can tell from their sizes, that they were more happy in life than sad and hence their names.

They were crazy about shopping and they went out on a spree on the first day of the month to splurge and eat golgappas/ sweet corn after that.

Grandkids - Why first day?

Me - Because that is the day their salary got credited in their bank accounts...
Anyway, they were true believers of the fact that good + expensive shampoos can do wonders for your hair (Sigh, that didn't work much). They also went to the best of the parlours for all sorts of beauty treatment..ofcourse, that worked well to make them feel good. Somedays, they would just fall of the bed laughing out loud on each others stories as kids. Ofcourse, they began to grow dear to each other ....

They both had a dream...Fatso loved saress and Moti loved silver jewellery...they both wanted to do something together and open a shop which would have both these things. In their minds both of them had almost pictured a shop done vibrantly and beautifully which they could call their own - FaMo (Fatso + Moti)...err....well the name had not been finalized yet, the place almost yeah.

But then Moti had to move out, her boyfriend finally asked her to marry him (haha) and fatso still stayed at that house. They are in touch and still very good friends.

Grandkids - Granny, but what the hell happened to the dream?????

Me - firstly, never say what the hell (I should make them learn some good things too) and secondly that part, some other day...its yet to go down in the pages of history... :). Goodnight!!

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Thursday, April 30, 2009

New shoes....

I think I have a shoe fetish ...and I can happily say that Pojj supports it...atleast his pocket does :). No no...he does not spend loads of money on it, but makes sure I get a dose of it when absolutely required.'s to my latest addition below...Cheers!!

Though, I had gone to buy the black one...the shop offered 50% off on another pair - damn, I am the customer these marketing guys fool. And, I have a husband who understands these tricks...warns me and fails miserably at it :P.

PS: I do not encourage Pojj to read this blog, often... :)

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Sunday, April 26, 2009

How important is Liberty??

I am the kind of person, who would do all one can to break free. It is in fact strange how even the idea of a claustrophobic place can choke me....and I think I have taken this from my mom, partially. However, like they say each generation is at least ten steps ahead of the previous one, I have taken this idea to the next level.

Having said this, I was wondering what if we were in a world where we were not free and there was no liberty? What would I have done?

And all these thoughts arise from my recent trip to the statue of liberty...adding a picture I clicked of it......THINK THINK !!

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Monday, April 20, 2009


Before I slept last night...Pojj and me lying next to each other doing our own thing...

Me - "So we are married? And we are husband and wife?"
Pojj - Yeah cutie... :)

I smile and put myself to sleep.....

PS: Sucker me for romance...hehe...its been an year and some more...

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Paranoid Mom...

I asked Pojj - "Do you think I am going to be a paranoid Mom?"
Pojj - " ..I hope not"

Point #1 - Well, if feeding your less than 2 years old (21 months) kid with coke, pickle, chips and the likes is "not" being paranoid, then like hell I am going to be totally opposite.

I saw this, and to my disgust, its a talked about thing in their can you?? For the kid to love coke someone would have offered her for the first time. Where were the parents then??

Point #2 - How do you have the heart to send your lil baby to day care for as long as 9 hours...she is not even 2 years..??

Point #3- Whatever remaining hours you have with the kid, you spend pampering her and then she sits on top of your head and dances, becomes unruly - a maniac in the making!! Phew

Point #4- The mother has no idea what they feed the kid at the day care - wow...icing on the cake!!

My verdict - I am going to be paranoid, and yes, though the time is far far away...I can not help but notice this....

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Sunday, April 12, 2009

And "Chivalry" prevails....

Me and Pojj were on our way back from Manhattan after watching the wonderful Monsters vs. Aliens - 3D made it just so perfect for the two of us. I think the experience was a complete delight.
So the point is, we took the express bus back home, which takes around 30 mins....Pojj was tired, his whole week had been crazy busy plus his commuting..(and this was Friday evening). So we both reached well in time and got seats next to each other on our way back. Pojj was almost on the verge of resting his head on my shoulder and I saw this lady standing right next to us carrying (cute big well rounded tummy). I looked once, and then looked at Pojj's face who was totally oblivious of the fact that someone was standing...then I looked at her again...and looked at Pojj's tired those 5 seconds..I went through a serious guilt of being selfish. And finally, I could not hold anymore, nudged Pojj...would you mind getting up...the lady is carrying. This is the part that makes me proud - "of course!!" he said. He did not even think ...the lady thanked and occupied.

The rest of the journey, Pojj was happily standing, and the lady tried to unite us once, and moved back...but it was our tough luck cuz someone else came and sat next to me. I felt terrible - but I knew Pojj would not sit down even if I offered. Another attempt at reuniting us by the guy who took the seat....he offered to sit elsewhere and asked Pojj to come n be with me. :) I was really happy.

Though, the journey was just 30 mins..and I sat with Pojj for 5...the end made it totally worth it.

PS: Here is the "end" - me n pojj made friends with a lady (refer: talkative lady) while waiting to board the bus. She was carrying beautiful tulips and I complimented her on em...She told us how we should buy them from Manhattan as they are cheaper...and then we made a joke about how I would pester Pojj to buy em for me. Anyway, we sat on parallel seats and when Pojj offered his seat to the lady who was carrying..the talkative lady saw it all. She got off on a stop before us and before going...handed me 3 of those beautiful tulips... :) - she said "happy birthday or anniversary..." I think she assumed I would pester Pojj to buy me flowers cuz an occasion was close by...! The story ends here....with a snap of my flowers ...ahhh a day well spent!!

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Thursday, April 09, 2009

A little of many....

There are many thoughts running through my head..I want to write about many a things. But I figured it is best to write a little bit about each of the things going in my head...let's me breathe easy... :)

  1. Spend less - How do some women take it for granted that their husbands would pay for all their whims and fancies and never feel guilty about it?? I agree, I am a lil bit of a spendthrift when it comes to cosmetics, but I seriously know when to say STOPPP...but with some women, you just want to shake 'em up and say - "get a hang on ur yourself young lady, do some math!!"
  2. 32" TV - Wohhooo, I can be officially congratulated for owning a TV that big, I have never owned something this big...its awesome!! My biggest fear however is, I would by mistake stumble n fall n make the TV fall...and then Pojj can not speak to me for the rest of our lives. Fingers crossed :( !!
  3. Taming dogs - I have become a fan of this serial - "Dog whisperer"...its lovely how Cesar Millan tames the unruly dogs with his techniques...he really does know em well. I am impressed, and I say this cuz I have owned dogs for 13 years...and I totally understand what he's trying to convey...Kudos!!
  4. Pojj's travelling - He has been doing that a lot, its 1.5 hrs one side, and I feel its too much for my B-A-B-Y (**shy**) :), but we made that choice, we thought we would get the house of our choice (likable and economical)..and the only trade off being Pojj's travel. But it seems to me, the it affects me more than Pojj himself, I almost wait for him like a puppy :(

Will add more when I feel much for now...signing off!!

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